Nov 03, 2023
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Layer Media – where creativity knows no limits

4-6 months
United States
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Layer Media specializes in crafting promotional materials for media content, such as game trailers, series, films, and more. To showcase their expertise, their website is packed with video content and dynamic materials, providing a visual portfolio of projects they are involved in. We aimed to ensure that content assets, including snappy animations from games and films, not only found a home on the website but were delivered in exquisite quality. Striking the right balance was crucial, preventing the website from feeling overwhelmed, ensuring lightning-fast load times, and providing customers with a dynamic and immersive experience.


This task was perfect for our skilled UX/UI designers. They led the way in the project by presenting various design concepts to the client, all with the goal of making the captivating content created by Layer Media stand out. Once the final concept got the green light, we moved on to the development phase. Our developers went beyond bringing the designers' ideas to life; they aimed to create a website that would truly amaze its target audience and boost conversions. And we nailed it!


Our vibrant and engaging design puts Layer Media's top projects in the spotlight, helping them shine above the competition. The website is fine-tuned for easy discovery through SEO optimization, and its high-speed performance highlights the value our client places on modern and innovative solutions.
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