Dec 05, 2023
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SAMSUNG: An Integrated Market Communication System (MCS)

SAMSUNG: An Integrated Market Communication System (MCS)

7-12 months
South Korea, Suwon-si
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Samsung faced significant challenges in streamlining its distribution channels and internal sales team operations. The primary issues were tracking sales targets, locating nearby outlets efficiently, and effectively monitoring distribution channels. These challenges hindered the sales team's performance and limited their ability to respond dynamically to market demands. The lack of a centralized system for managing these tasks led to inefficiencies and a potential decrease in sales performance.


To address these challenges, Samsung developed the Market Communication System (MCS). This system was designed to optimize the routine functions of the distribution channels and the internal sales team. Key features included the ability to search for nearby outlets, creating daily work plans ('plan of the day'), utilizing speech-guided GPS navigation for ease of travel, and enabling access to daily sales reports. The MCS was designed to be user-friendly and to integrate seamlessly with the existing operations of the sales team, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.


The implementation of the MCS had a profound impact on Samsung’s sales and distribution operations. The ability to find nearby outlets and plan daily activities improved the efficiency of the sales team. Speech-guided GPS navigation enhanced their mobility and response time. Access to daily sales reports provided valuable insights, enabling more strategic decision-making. Overall, the MCS significantly streamlined operations, increased productivity, and contributed to better management of sales targets and distribution channels, ultimately leading to improved sales performance and market responsiveness.