Feb 07, 2022
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Corporate Travel Managment

Corporate Travel Managment

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Automate and speed up the workflow related to business trips. Automate checks and approval procedures to reduce the risk of errors. Cut administrative costs by increasing the speed of document processing. Gather analytics and create data archives where all information about business trips will be stored in a centralized manner and in a single format


Our solution enables the employee to submit requests for future business trips and request an advance on travel expenses. Managers can approve or reject these requests via handy web-interface. Upon a business trip, the employee must create a report within three days. The solution prompts which fields need to be filled out and which documents to attach. Thanks to integration with travel agency services, boarding passes and e-tickets are downloaded automatically, and the user only needs to enter the ticket number. All other documents can be attached electronically. The accounting department checks the advance report and all documents, and the manager signs it electronically.


The service allows employees and managers to make business trips to several cities, pay for them from the budgets of several departments, take vacations within a business trip, arrange overlapping business trips, pay for colleagues and much more. The number of necessary paper documents is reduced to a minimum. Approval and automatic paperwork take no more than an hour. All requests and reports for all branches are handled by a centralized accounting service. More than 8,000 employees have formalized business trips in our portal. During the year we received about 25,000 applications for business trips to 287 cities.
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Corporate Travel Managment
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Corporate Travel Managment