Jan 12, 2023
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Drupal Website for Real Estate Company

Drupal Website for Real Estate Company

7-12 months
United States
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Challenge: The client planned to realize extensive construction projects and wanted to create a robust website. The website would give a practical insight into real estate projects, their designs and concepts, share news and updates, and help the company get new partnerships by promoting investment.


Solution: As a skeleton for the upcoming website, we opted for Drupal 8 CMS, which enabled us to develop a highly functional and user-friendly product. The key features added include: - a data filter for archiving documents and organizing meetings; - an intuitive interface for easy navigation and clear and consistent presentation of projects, news, and other info; - a menu structure with three blocks of content; each menu item redirects to other pages; - Drupal paragraphs for page layouts to facilitate content creation and management; - content “slices” for more flexible and customizable page layouts.


Results: The UMIND team built a sophisticated and multifunctional website, letting our client promote their projects and attract more investors. Building a robust website with the relevant information helped the company to advertise its projects and share up-to-date news as well as other valuable content.