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Web 3 Marketing Agency

UPM Agency is an international digital marketing firm specializing in web 3 related coverages. As enthusiasts of web 3, crypto, blockchain, and other decentralized and privacy preserving technologies… creating and operating this service is more of a hobby than work. It is exciting to be able to help projects that are building cutting edge applications find their footing in the crypto space.

- We work with top content creators and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the crypto and web 3 industries.
- We help to identify which brands are the most suitable partners for each content creator. Using our web 3 content creators database, brands can filter and choose between popular social platforms, location, language, niche, price range, subscriber count, reach, and other helpful metrics to optimize a clients coverage campaign.
- We help get brands coverage in tier 1 media publications.
- We help introduce projects to services, integration partners, advisors, and influencers

Web 3 Marketing Agency

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Canada, Toronto
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