Mar 10, 2021
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2-3 months
United States
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Medical device integration The manufacturer did not provide any documentation on how to integrate with their devices and offered only their application to use that unfortunately was not enough to meet the business needs of our client. Mobile PDF creation UppLabs provided automatic generating of a PDF document layout on the mobile devices, saving this PDF to the proper directory, and creating QR code for buying prescribed products online. Data storing Instead of collecting users’ data on an external server, we implemented an alternative solution for storing all the data about clients on mobile devices. Expo ejection Unfortunately, we had to eject Expo and go with React Native in order to integrate the application with a custom-built package of the medical device integration


UppLabs created a mobile application HairMax from scratch. We provided its integration with medical dermatoscope and automatic user’s data save on personal devices without storing them to an external server. Also, we provided an automatic mobile PDF generation with prescriptions. Using this PDF with the QR code, the user can buy HairMax goods chosen by the doctor. This is possible because of integration with the Shopify e-commerce platform. All this functionality was developed to bring digitalization and improve operational strategy for medical institutions working in dermatology, paramedical science of the hair, hair loss, and associated scalp problems.


By developing the HairMax mobile app, UppLabs helped to streamline the client’s operational processes and save medical workers time. It has helped to increase the sales revenues of their existing e-commerce product because of the easy way to order the medicine in the application in a couple of clicks.
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