Mar 10, 2021
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Tax 1099

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Legacy Code Support It was hard to support legacy code in order to add new features that business expects. Fortunately, the UppLabs team had a lot of experience working with legacy solutions in our practice. Effective Collaboration It was difficult to organize an effective work process together with the developers’ team from the client’s side which worked on the product earlier. However, here at UppLabs, we know how to find a path to effective collaboration and communication. Adhere To The Quality Of The Product Working in a team with developers from the client’s side, it was challenging to understand their mindset and provide the best software development practices to fulfill the high product standards.


Tax 1099 is an IRS-approved eFile provider for informational returns. It is a blend of tax knowledge and technology to provide superior compliance tools. Tax1099 presents the ideal solution for small businesses, independent accountants, bookkeepers, CPA firms, and corporations of all sizes


By partnering with UppLabs, the client received the update for the legacy solution, which included the ability to scale the number of servers to handle any amount of real-time users In two month time, our team managed to increase the solution’s performance three times. To support the moving towards client’s core business goals, UppLabs had to change app’s architecture and gradually migrate it from monolith to microservices. Additionally, UppLabs added value to the client’s business by developing an API (Application Programming Interface) that enabled product’s integrations and increased app’s reusability, significantly reducing operational overhead
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