Oct 27, 2021
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Charity Donation Platform Development

more 1 year
United Kingdom
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Make-it-Donate company requested a web application that can trigger donations automatically for any charity the applicant wants. Based on integration with IFTTT (‘If This Then That’) service, the Make-it-Donate application would help charities get and manage donations and make their virtues.


We built its core functionality on React. To make most of React's capabilities, TypeScript and Redux Thunk technologies were applied to the project. For UI development, we used Redux-Toolkit and Material-UI. Our team helped to incorporate all the functionality the client needed into a branded web application. The platform's core feature is the ability to trigger charity donations from things connected to the internet. Due to the integration with IFTTT, users can trigger donations from hundreds of services to any of the charities that have already joined the platform.


UpsilonIT team performed digital design and development services, implemented all the necessary tests, fixes, and modifications, and ensured the application was up and running. The client got an operating product that is currently gaining popularity in the UK charity app development arena. The number of charities who joined the Make It Donate app, and the amount of registered users is continuously growing. It has a strong potential to scale up globally and help develop a new consumer donation behavior.