Oct 27, 2021
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Dashboard - One-Stop Page to Check Your Art Collection Holdings

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Developing a dashboard that could show collection holdings by a variety of categories and subcategories. In order to make a deep overview dashboard was required to split art collection holdings by the following categories and filters: sections, artists, locations and sub-locations, statuses, ownership, value, or quantity of things. Due to the diversity of collections, this dashboard shouldn’t have been limited to only one type of chart. In order to get a complete overview of the collections, several types of diagrams had to be designed.


Our team worked on several functional parts of the system: a set of rich features aimed at collectors and powerful software tools for internal operational management. Our team continued working on the fine art collection management integrating it into Christie's enterprise ecosystem. We improved and introduced new functionality for general use and Chrisitie's specifically, and developed multiple partner programs and features for collectors and art-professionals.


The implementation of all those solutions allowed our client to: "- Enrich collection management experience by enabling a suite of brand-new features and a dashboard where users can get insights into their collections - Provide collectors with a quick and easy way to securely browse the company's offers - Provide employees working in private sales with a powerful tool that helps them track current inventory and deals - Get a digital tool that can help streamline and optimize internal processes "