Jun 15, 2023
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ERP Platform Dev for Web Development Agency

more 1 year
United States, California
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Our client is software that helps legal departments and law firms manage their operations. Using SimpleLegal, users can easily track, manage, and report on legal spending, accruals, budgets, vendors, and more. Request: Unsatisfied with a software development team from India, SimpleLegal was looking for backend developers to upgrade their platform.


Our client decided to go with Python Django when deciding how to build the backend of our platform. They hired our team to provide Python Django developers. It turns out that we also have frontend engineers, so they hired them to work in Angular 2 for the frontend. We’ll continue to provide support going forward because the ERP system needs constant development. There are additional features that client wants to add in the future.


Client has already cut some accounting expenses by using the ERP platform. The system has modules for finances, invoicing, and resource tracking. Automating those processes results in cutting costs. Our team also created a cool dashboard so client can see the overall financial status of the organization. It's very important to track all that information. Being able to see it online via the dashboard is so convenient. 1) Python 2 to Python 3 migration 2) Test coverage using PyTest