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Jul 31, 2021
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Self paced, language learning mobile app for a top university

Self paced, language learning mobile app for a top university

4-6 months
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1. To create a smart app for self paced learning of foreign language. 2. To accommodate more than a dozen learning patterns. 3. Should be easy to browse through course and course material. 4. Students should be able to track progress through course. 5. Ability to serve voice notes or speech lessons through the app.


We built a custom mobile app with single code base for both web and mobile. The app supports low internet speed as well as functions offline and ensures seamless transition when normal connectivity is restored. Custom splash screen and onboarding animations were used. Supports text-to-speech and storing voice memos or audio notes for lessons.


Content from over 5 books packaged into an app with small footprint for easy and fast downloads from App Store. The app also works as a Progressive Web App (PWA) in web browser on a PC or laptop. Custom illustrations make it easy for students to understand the lesson's context. User friendly UX help students in learning and also increases the user engagement.