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Software, Web & Mobile development

Web development:

According to your goals we design the website and realize it together with ongoing consultations. Let it be a portfolio site, blog, webshop or even a completely unique system, our team create a quality product based on your individual needs.

Mobile Application Development:

Expand and develop your company via incentive applications that increase distribution and foster engagement. Break away from the competition and forge ahead on your digital transformation journey by utilizing mobile technology and expertise.

Cloud Based Solutions:

Increase agility and accelerate how quickly you can respond to business needs with greater flexibility and control over your web applications. Cloud-based software and cloud-based applications are apps that run in a cloud environment and are able to interact with web browsers and APIs.

UI/UX Desing:

UX services help you create products that are not only highly tailored to users’ needs and easy to use, but also deliver tangible results to your business. Building a successful product goes far beyond just making it beautiful – great UX leads users through a seamless journey.

Support and Maintenance:

Continuous, reliable support is required for all software to work. We also undertake this, so you only have to deal with it as little as possible. Whether it's choosing the right server or even DNS configuration, we can help you find the best solutions.


Every product made by us are optimized for search engines. This results in high organic hit results and will help your clients to find the page without spending extra. During SEO optimization, we analyze the competition, look for the right keywords, and then modify the page (OnPage SEO) based on these.

Software, Web & Mobile development

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Hungary, Budapest

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