May 16, 2023
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Al Khaleej - Drupal Digital Newspaper Experience

Al Khaleej - Drupal Digital Newspaper Experience

7-12 months
Saudi Arabia
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Al Khaleej wanted to provide their readers with a convenient and cutting edge newspaper experience personalized across all devices - and they identified Drupal as the ideal technology to support their transformative ambitions. This is where Vardot comes in. Al Khaleej has sought out Vardot’s award-winning Drupal web design and development services to build the new Al Khaleej website using Drupal 8 and Varbase CMS.


Transforming Al Khaleej into a reader-first digital experience required 4 months of research and insight analysis from our team. This intimate study into user preferences and behavior ensured that we prioritized key UX issues in the new Drupal site: Page loading is faster than ever. Enhanced personalization features. User and search engine-friendly content categorization. Accessibility features for all readers. Social sharing features. Intuitive design across all screen sizes.


User-friendly and multilingual backend UX for all departments involved in content publishing (technical and non-technical). Seamless content publishing and moderation based on user roles and permissions defined by the actual editorial experience. Best-in-class content editorial tools. Robust rich media management for hi-res images and video formats. Our team implemented a 100% secure migration of all their data and legacy node pages to the new CMS. 99% errors reduced. 60% increase in new users.