May 15, 2023
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ICARDA - International Research & Development

ICARDA - International Research & Development

4-6 months
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ICARDA is an international organization undertaking research for development. They provide innovative, science-based solutions for countries across the non-tropical dry areas. The research aims to reduce poverty and enhance food, water, and nutritional security and environmental health, in the face of global challenges, including climate change. To achieve their strategic goals and ensure that their message is optimally distributed across the relevant channels; ICARDA needed to choose the ideal CMS that enables a content-heavy website to deliver a secure and engaging user experience for their target audiences across all platform.


ICARDA runs a massive network across the globe and they need to update their website content as timely as possible. Such content would include: Vacancies Employees and Experts Publications Projects Donors Regional Offices (New offices and their updates) Vardot built the new Drupal website enabled with Feeds integration; which means that ICARDA is now able to auto-update the aforementioned content across the globe. Using frequent cron jobs, no update goes missing or without publishing.


99% errors reduced. Thanks to the Domains module; ICARDA’s team can now develop dynamic microsites for any of their temporary projects without the need for technical knowledge or expertise. ICARDA can build all the microsites they want for free using preset and predefined UI configurations. No need to commission the services of a web development agency to build one each time a project requires one. Media management for those microsites will be centralized from the Drupal CMS and all microsites share the same database with access provided based on permissions.