Feb 22, 2023
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IoT-Based Smart Tires

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Velvetech had to design the world's first intelligent tire solution, which included developing the hardware, firmware, and software components. A further challenge was to incorporate wireless technologies capable of facilitating data transfer despite the shielding effect of the metallic car body.


To address the client's request and accommodate their needs, Velevetch first designed sensors, microcontrollers, antennas, hardware, and firmware to collect and process data like tire pressure, temperature, and tread wear. Then the team developed mobile and web applications to allow drivers to view and manage collected data. Technologies: hardware, firmware, PCB Design, BLE, iOS


At the Specialty Equipment Market Association 2019 in Las Vegas, the client garnered significant attention as their Cerebrum tire sensors won an award for being one of the most innovative and advanced automotive aftermarket products. Drivers can use tire analytics to boost vehicle performance, control fuel consumption and excess emissions, and enhance overall vehicle safety.