Apr 02, 2024
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2-3 months
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Web Development
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Engaging online presence: Creating a visually appealing and informative website that reflects Peugeot's brand identity and resonates with diverse customer segments. Seamless user experience: Ensuring intuitive navigation, easy access to information, and a smooth user journey across all devices. Personalized communication: Implementing features to personalize the user experience and cater to individual customer needs. 24/7 availability: Providing continuous access to information and support through various channels.


1- Comprehensive online showroom: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used to create a interactive online showroom showcasing every Peugeot model with detail info, images, and comparison features. 2- Instant information and support: A combo of PHP and Node.js was used to develop a dynamic website that provides instant answers to user queries through a FAQ section and a 24/7 live chat support feature 3- Personalized communication: The project likely utilized a combination of technologies like WordPress, a CMS, and a CRM system to personalize the user experience. 4- User-friendly experience: JQuery, were used for website navigation and interactive elements, while adhering to best practices for responsive web design ensured optimal viewing experience across all devices.


This project successfully transformed Peugeot's online presence, resulting in: Enhanced brand image: A modern and user-friendly website projecting a strong brand image and attracting potential customers. Improved lead generation: Effective online showroom and lead capture forms facilitating easier conversion of website visitors into potential buyers. Increased customer satisfaction: Providing 24/7 access to information, personalized communication, and instant support, leading to a more positive customer experience.