Apr 05, 2024
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TPL Trakker

TPL Trakker

2-3 months
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Transportation & Logistics
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1-Project Overview: TPL Trakker, a logistics leader, undertook a project to improve operations, customer experience, and service offerings through technology. 2-Project challange.: (i) Faster claims processing: Reduce claim turnaround times and improve efficiency. (ii) Accurate vehicle tracking: Ensure precise and reliable tracking data. (iii) Secure personal tracking: Provide a user-friendly and secure tracking system. (iV) Partner portal: Offer real-time data access, analytics, and tools for informed decisions.


Project Outcome: By strategically implementing a diverse technology stack, the project addressed the challenges and delivered the following results (i) Faster claims: Custom app (DotNet) with database (MySQL) for efficient processing. (ii) Accurate vehicle tracking: Upgrade hardware + software optimization (potentially with PHP integration) for real-time data correction. (iii) Secure personal tracking: Mobile app (React Native/Flutter) with secure backend (potentially PHP/MySQL) for location sharing. (iV) Partner portal: Secure web portal (ASP.NET Core) with data source integration (Elasticsearch) and visualization tools (JQuery) for real-time data access and insights.


This project successfully transformed TPL Trakker's operations and customer experience, leading to: (i) Reduced claims processing time: Faster settlements improve customer satisfaction and cash flow. (ii) Improved tracking accuracy: Increased reliability of data empowers informed decision-making and enhances operational efficiency. (iii) Expanded service offerings: The personal tracking solution caters to individual safety needs, broadening TPL Trakker's market reach. (iV) Empowered clients: The partner portal fosters collaboration and provides valuable insights for optimizing logistics, transportation, and security operation