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Nov 24, 2022
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Visnext assisted myHouseby to innovate its virtual home designing service with WebVR and 3D technology. Buyers can explore the communities by virtual tour before purchase. The interactive tools include advanced search options. The virtual home tour allows the buyer to customize the home design with 3D rendering before finalization. MyHouseby now makes free augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D designs for buyers during the virtual home selection process. 3D design tools are especially beneficial to buyers seeking homes with customized touches and tailored design choices that fit their lifestyles.


Whether real-estate communities or construction services, myHouseby wanted to offer everything on a single-page application. To tackle the challenges that came in the development of myHouseby, our expert and professional software developers have gone through the intricate developing processes with their in-depth knowledge and technological expertise. The interactive tools with unique backend development ensure a better choice of customized 3D rendering home designs. Dynamic map representation of amenities and communities (that show lots' status) was quite challenging, requiring extensive frameworks at the backend of a single-page application (SPA) to function seamlessly.


Buying a home was easy but, customization with VR representation was a dream for buyers. With the robust Myhouseby platform, buying a quick move-in home and customization of 3D rendering home design is easier than ever anywhere. MyHouseby features pre-construction customization of the property with a price estimation. Visual demonstration of the post-construction home is possible with real-time VR design. Visnext turned the dream of myHouseby into reality by the top-notch revolutionary web application.
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