Jul 05, 2022
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Salus Saunas

Salus Saunas

4-6 months
United States
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The challenge for Salus Saunas was to create a stylish site that provides in-depth information about saunas, from the health benefits associated with sauna use to placing a sauna in your home. Salus Saunas has a wealth of knowledge about the premium traditional and infrared saunas they offer and they wanted to make it easier for customers to read through their resources and find the best sauna that suits their needs. Improving site architecture and making it easy to find relevant information would help to reduce the need for customer calls and live chats, freeing up valuable time to focus on fulfillment. Other challenges included working closely with Salus Saunas to organize their catalogue for easier management and implementing better methods to report site and user metrics.


We created a custom design utilizing nature tones to emphasize the healthy lifestyle customers often aspire to achieve with a sauna purchase. We revised product structures, site structures, and improved UI/UX to help guide customers along their sauna purchasing journey. We migrated Salus Saunas from BigCommerce to Magento 2 to better fit their needs in terms of control and ability to further customize the complex nature of their product structures. We also integrated Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to properly report on customer interactions and sales. Additionally, we integrated product feeds to assist in Google Merchant Center and Facebook ads. PPC & SEM ad management were also completed, resulting in a high ROI.


Once we helped Salus Saunas migrate to Magento 2 and overhaul the look and feel of their site, they’ve seen a sizable increase in organic traffic. Effortless navigation with clean UI/UX helps potential customers find what they’re looking for by grouping products and the abundance of sauna information in a more pragmatic way. High resolution images, detailed product descriptions, and expansive content help customers make informed decisions with less input from sales associates. Better integration of vital mechanics like Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager make day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently.