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May 16, 2024
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BigCommerce Migration for Online Medical Supply Store

BigCommerce Migration for Online Medical Supply Store

7-12 months
United States
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Safewell Medical faced several challenges in their quest to streamline their online operations and improve the user experience: 1. Platform Migration: They needed to migrate their medical supply eCommerce website from one platform to another with a user-centric approach and streamline backend functions with system integrations. 2. Consolidation: They aimed to consolidate two separate websites, Unique Fitness and Unique Medical Supply, and focus solely on rebranding and reopening one store as Safewell Medical. 3. Technical Issues: The existing Magento 1 website had parts breaking down, and their payment provider was considering dropping them. Additionally, they had some special code that couldn't be fixed by the original developers.


To migrate the medical supply eCommerce website to BigCommerce, Wagento implemented key strategies: 1. Evaluated the client's website to identify pain points and suitability. 2. Conducted a UX/UI audit, introducing account creation for order histories and tracking. 3. Customized design and features using BigCommerce's options. 4. Selected a suitable theme for brand alignment. Ensured mobile optimization. 5. Implemented SEO best practices. 6. Integrated third-party apps for various functions. 7. Adapted to BigCommerce Multi-store front. 8. Conducted QA testing. 9. Launched the Safewell Medical Supply store with B2C and B2B capabilities.


Partnering with Safewell Medical, we streamlined their eCommerce platform and enhanced both user experience and backend functionality during the migration to BigCommerce. This provided: 1. Enhanced UX: User-centric design with improved navigation and functionality. 2. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined backend with system integrations. 3. Scalability: Robust platform for future growth. 4. Consolidation: Integrated and rebranded two websites into one. Safewell Medical thrives with our ongoing support. Ready to streamline your business? Learn more about website migration with us!