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Jun 01, 2021
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Data Intelligence System

2-3 months
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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1. Fixing up the right price for each item is the most critical decision for a Store. 2. Price Equalizer Tool: If the Price is too high, you lose the Customer and if its too low, you lose the margin. 3. Define Sales price by assessing raw material cost, incremental labor cost and compliance expenses. 4. Profit margin will be defined based on customer food preferences and intensifying competition.


The main objective of this pricing portal is to enable Franchise Owners and Pricing consultants to receive/ view pricing recommendations for items at store X channel level and analyze business outcomes after implementation of these recommendations. Owners shall use the portal efficiently by altering price of any items and analyzing the estimated impact.


After the project implementation, results are clearly visible for franchise owners in revenue increment and simplified recommendation process from the centralized business Intelligence team. It increases the confidence in the Intelligence team and franchisee owners are able to focus on business rather than worrying about pricing comparison with the competitors.