May 08, 2023
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Hunger Rush

4-6 months
United States, Austin
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Web Development
Domain focus
Retail and Restaurants


The restaurant industry has always been known for its fast pace and high-stress environment. With the introduction of technology and the rise of online ordering, the industry has undergone major changes in recent years. The challenge facing restaurants today is to keep up with these changes and provide customers with a seamless ordering experience, all while maintaining the quality of their service and food.


Web3 Pandas developed an app that provides a user-friendly platform for restaurants to take orders, streamline their operations, and train their employees. This app is designed to make the order-taking process as efficient as possible, even in the midst of the buzz of hungry customers and the bustle of the kitchen.


With its innovative approach and user-friendly interface, Hunger Rush is helping restaurants to meet the demands of the modern world and provide customers with a seamless ordering experience. The platform is providing restaurants with the tools they need to keep up with the rapidly changing industry, and to succeed in a highly competitive market.