Mar 16, 2021
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Financial Forecast Platform

Financial Forecast Platform

7-12 months
United Kingdom, London
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The application aimed to engulf modeling, valuation and analyzing systems in an industry standard platform. This platform is for businesses that need to analyze the economic trends based on prior data and generates precise financial forecasts up to 18 months in advance. This makes us wonder on how a financial consulting firm can look like in the future and the potential that fintech has.


The platform analyzes and forecasts the financial data of your business for the next 18 months. Grown from the need of having immediate access to the past, present, and future financial performance. The biggest challenge for Financial Companies is to forecast precise financial data. Using complex algorithms and integration with Xero for fast access to the historical data, the app is calculating very fast and shows an overview for all the financial indicators.


n the first phase, we have developed an MVP to validate the main purpose of this application. The used core technologies facilitate the mathematical logical processes, we took advantage of a variety of auxiliary technologies in order to fully shape the app. Ideating, building, and testing were conducted over the course of 6 months. This time was spent with modeling with Linear Regressions, to expanding upon large classes of algorithms such as the Monte Carlo, Linear Regression, Holt-Winter, keeping a very fast process due to the big number of iterations, up to 50.000.
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Financial Forecast Platform
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Financial Forecast Platform
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Financial Forecast Platform