Mar 09, 2021
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Mobile Digital Wallet App

7-12 months
Romania, Bucharest
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Custom Software Development
Mobile Development
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Banking & Financial Services
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Startups MVP
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React Native


Let’s face it - managing money online can sometimes be a hassle. Have you ever ordered food with a group and friends and needed to send money to the person that paid? Cash is fading out slowly, most people only a few euros or dollars for small stuff. Online banking accounts are not a big help either, as money sent through it almost never reaches your friend instantly. Don’t even get us started on topping up these accounts, most give you a very limited number of sources. Thankfully, new technology is making payment processes easier, faster and safer each day. Your physical wallet is slowly becoming obsolete and making the switch to digital - that’s where Wallety comes in.


With Wallety, you can top up your digital wallet from almost any source (bank account, crypto etc.) and you can have full control over those assets afterwards. There is no transfer delay, so you can stop worrying about splitting the bill when ordering in a group! What’s more, it uses the latest security standards to give you peace of mind that no one else can tamper with your money. To test his idea with potential users, the client was looking to create a fully functional MVP through mobile app development. We’ve made it possible for users to add funds by connecting their bank account or credit cards. You can also add owned cryptocurrencies, for easy asset management.


To build an awesome MVP, our team had to develop the app starting with no technical specifications, just the design wireframe. To make it happen, we’ve adopted an agile software development approach - we first defined what the MVP needed to do, and prioritized features in the development process.