Mar 16, 2021
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Personal Fitness App Development

Personal Fitness App Development

7-12 months
United Kingdom, London
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Software Development
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React Native


The greatest challenge was designing a fast-moving and great user experience. With so many metrics being tracked and pulled, and the fact that the client was estimating a large wave of initial users, speed needed to not be an issue. We’ve designed and implemented a clean architecture for all the data, and with the reliability of AWS and strategic implementation of Lambda functions, we managed to make the app solid. What’s more, on the fly, health plan updates are fully autonomous inside the app and did not affect speed, thanks to MongoDB.


The two large pillars of the mobile application are personalization and adaptability. What did that mean in terms of app structure? First off, we needed to make sure that the health programs had correct matching sequences based on tags received from users. If a user defines health parameters matching one or more health programs, we made sure that it’s fully validated before showing it to the user. What’s more, we implemented a system of tracking the health stats such as sleeping and eating patterns, which triggered program changes such as the addition of certain exercises.


Throughout the whole process, our client and we created a clear communication channel and a reliable roadmap, which enabled us to iterate and receive feedback fast. We followed the plan and launched the MVP on time, without going over budget. We also consulted the client and implemented optimizations for the app, both technically and user-facing, leading to an awesome user experience.