May 02, 2024
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Custom Software Development for Writing Community

Custom Software Development for Writing Community

4-6 months
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Web Development
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Advertising & Marketing


We hired Wednesday Solutions to create our entire Web-app from scratch. The goals were to build fast and get our product to market as soon as possible so that we could start testing with our users and take in feedback. Another goal was to make sure the platform performs perfectly as it is a legally binding platform.


Wednesday came to us with a great proposal that was built on an agile methodology with a feedback loop. Their understanding of the requirements and methods to execute was absolutely top-notch. They also had great communication and a project plan that ensured full transparency and clarity.


We are on track to get to the MVP of this project in just 4 months. I have made numerous changes to the project since Day 0 and the team has swiftly incorporated these changes into the product. They work really fluidly and are great at ways to find simpler solutions to complex problems. The current product is well beyond my expectations.