Mar 03, 2023
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A service for securely selling photos and renders

A service for securely selling photos and renders

4-6 months
United States
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Problems arose at the stage of integrating third-party services into the platform. At first, users could only upload files from their computer's file explorer. Later, Google Drive and Dropbox were added to the list of possible upload sources. It was important not just to combine the sources but to make this combination fast, convenient, and seamless. The team put a lot of effort into working out the process of uploading and downloading files: how to build a user-friendly file sequence? What should I do if one or more files have been replaced or deleted? Problems arose with the Google Drive storage API. As it turned out, the official documentation for it was outdated at the time of development, and the developers had to find relevant information to work with.


The client asked for the integration of payment services The platform lets the file seller, the file buyer, and the platform all talk to each other in three ways. And while Stripe has already implemented such functionality, PayPal is in the beta testing phase. Its implementation requires close communication with the service representatives. But all these are administrative and bureaucratic difficulties rather than technical ones. All of them will be resolved.


We managed to fully realize the client's idea of creating a simple and fast paid file transfer system that helps creatives minimize financial risks. The new version of has been released recently; today it is a beautiful and convenient platform for securely selling visual content, attracting photographers, artists, designers, and 3D modelers. The client already has a plan for the new version of the product: it can become a SaaS platform where accounts can be sold on a subscription basis to companies or independent freelancers. We are happy to assist them with their vision. Here is a service that can change the lives of freelancers for the better once and for all.
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A service for securely selling photos and renders
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A service for securely selling photos and renders