Apr 03, 2023
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CASE: HRMS Platforms

4-6 months
United States
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Our team faced some challenges: • The client was inexperienced with the development of complex platforms and automating workflows. • Synchronization with the development of other components. Our team was developing additional components for the platform and building out the synchronization was one of the main challenges. Speaking of additional functionality, with which the platform was to synchronize, it was supposed to be a CRM platform, a program for document management, and an accounting system.


Our team divided the work into several stages: • In-depth analysis of information. In this phase, we focused on interviewing the client to understand their basic needs. • Competitor Market Analysis. We paid particular attention to UI/UX design and the functionality of the platforms. • Rapid Prototyping. We created a prototype, which we later validated in UX Moderate format and tested on end users. • Formation of Terms of Reference. We generated the terms of reference and requirements for the UI/UI storybook. • Formation of the release plan. Before forming the release plan, we also consulted at each stage with the client.


The client’s time efficiency has increased by 64.7% due to our custom platform optimizing business processes, and the overall performance of the HR processes has increased by 52.9%. HRMS platform has positively impacted several departments at once: • HRM Department. Firstly, the platform had a positive impact on HR processes. Primarily Head of HR, Recruiters, C&B manager, HR generalist, and also Travel Manager. • Sales Department. The platform also helped to control the work of the sales department, as well as helped to monitor the employees' productivity more easily. • Call Center. Another department in the company experienced a positive effect from the fixation of all work processes in the application.
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