Jan 17, 2023
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Complex SaaS TMS Solution for Logistics Business

Complex SaaS TMS Solution for Logistics Business

4-6 months
United States
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The main challenge we faced was to thoroughly understand all the client's business processes for their automation within our software solution. Also, in the course of work, we regularly identified difficulties in some business processes. In particular, there were many complex conditions for the interaction of various roles and processes (drivers, dispatchers, cargo, orders, etc.). To cope with this, we built mindmaps and use cases, coordinated everything with the client, and successfully implemented it in the web application.


We have created a TMS software to automate the lifecycle of cargo transportation from origin to destination. This management system automates such tasks as the acceptance and management of an order from a broker, the transmission of information about the order to the driver, tracking the status of the order and the status of the driver during the execution of the order, as well as generating reports of acceptance and delivery of cargo (for drivers).


The final result that we presented to the client was a TMS for logistics companies, which allows the personnel to edit the actions of drivers and dispatchers, create routes, check orders, etc., and does not require such high investments as analogs existing on the market. Thus, the ROI of this product was 1 year. In more than 19.5% reduced company’s costs through process optimization. In more than 41% reduced unloading time at the point in 3 overruns decreased times.
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Complex SaaS TMS Solution for Logistics Business