Jan 16, 2023
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Delivery Auto: logistics services for B2B

Delivery Auto: logistics services for B2B

4-6 months
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Software Development
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Transportation & Logistics


Create a cross-platform mobile application with fresh design and multiple advanced features Delivery Auto needed to digitize its pick-up, transportation, and delivery processes. The goal was to create an app capable of issuing receipts for the shipment of goods, ordering targeted pick-ups and deliveries, tracking the movement of goods, paying for services online, generating BOLs, and containing other logistics-related features that could be manipulated with a user-friendly interface.


Allow inspection of cargo, impose and remove a ban on delivery; Change the recipient, sender and payer, change the type of payment; Readdressing of cargo both within the settlement and to other settlements; Creation of templates and draft receipts; Convenient tracking, which shows the location of the cargo and its status; Search for a warehouse or office using geolocation and a list; Access to your data in the loyalty program - information about the weight of transportation and the tariff plan; Parcel alias for the Sender role "Service Investigations" option


Tripling Downloads and Doubling Conversions The result of our work is a cross-platform instrument that allows Delivery Auto's clients to go through the delivery cycle with ease and convenience: from invoice generation until delivery to the final destination. Using just a mobile device, the user can input delivery info, receive the price for the services, and receive the services themselves with just a few clicks. After we launched the product, the organic downloads skyrocketed by 300%. The app was featured in App Store’s top 30 and Google Play's top 20 in the Business categories. During the first 9 months after the release, Delivery Auto increased its customer base by two times compared to the same period for the last year.
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Delivery Auto: logistics services for B2B