Apr 21, 2023
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Our client wanted a single platform to work with distributors and digitize all sales through a CRM system, so our goals were as follows: The client wanted the system to “unravel” every sales stage, from the first customer encounter to the order shipment. Initially, the client wanted to create the simplest means of self-study by packaging their courses and tests into a small mobile application. The client wanted to create a tool that would allow all the data to be recorded automatically, getting rid of the manual filling of spreadsheets. And we were ready to implement the solution in a mobile application format for managers.


The design strictly follows the client's corporate brand book: predetermined colors, fonts, visual style and composition requirements. The client separately insisted that all products be aesthetically pleasing and offer a modern UX. This particularly applied to the numerous statistical modules that each project had – so our tries to design the figures in the form of clear and beautiful infographics were not in vain. Integration of all products into a single ecosystem is possible, but there is currently no task for such integration. The admin panels of the platforms are sufficiently interconnected through APIs. If an application for tracking engineers' work needs a database of equipment, it pulls it from the underlying CRM.


In over three years, we have implemented from scratch five projects for large businesses, digitizing all aspects of their internal processes step by step. The client got effective working tools, streamlined the work with distributors, reduced the managers' workload, achieved transparency in service monitoring, and improved the customer experience for its end consumers. Applications for corporate testing and product demonstration aroused great interest outside of Ukraine because our client introduced them to their foreign colleagues in Germany, Brazil, the USA, and several other countries. Many foreign offices of the manufacturer still conduct management manually – through spreadsheets and PDF files.
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