Jan 16, 2023
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Logistics Software Development for Loadaza USA

Logistics Software Development for Loadaza USA

4-6 months
United States
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Software Development
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Domain focus
Transportation & Logistics


Loadaza is a transportation company that specializes in auto transport services for both dealers and individuals. Our challenges: organize the collection of delivery orders for the client's company and provide an opportunity to act as an intermediary in the transfer of orders to other carriers.


We have designed and developed two systems The first system gives is a client-oriented application that allows the following: User-friendly order forms for the Loadaza’s customers to select and reserve the services Quoting system that instantly calculates the price of the services ordered depending on the various parameters Invoice and order management systems for shipping services The second project is a back-office system that allows the following: Customizing permissions and roles within the Loadaza’s ecosystem Email templates and marketing automation tools Managing employee information, tasks, and communication Financial module with reporting capabilities to keep track of financial activities associated with the orders


Same Resources - More Customers The system we developed automates the client’s order management and employee processes which drastically reduced order processing time and enabled the company to serve 30% more customers with the same number of vehicles and human resources than previously.
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Logistics Software Development for Loadaza USA