Jan 16, 2023
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Trucking digitalization for Gamma TMS

Trucking digitalization for Gamma TMS

4-6 months
United States
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Software Development
Mobile Development
Domain focus
Transportation & Logistics


SCHWARZ LOGISTICS is a rapidly growing trucking company based in Illinois, USA. The SCHWARZ team intended to set new service standards in the industry and approached us in search of digital solutions to increase supply chain visibility and reduce costs. Our challenge: create a platform for logistics business management: user-friendly, functional and scalable.


We created a complex digital ecosystem with multiple user roles and integrated third-party services into it. 1. Developed an admin panel for management that works on any platform 2. Implemented flexible functionality for managing truck routes. 3. Created an app for drivers Combined new tools in one backend, integrated third-party services


Managing a logistics business from a smartphone Gamma TMS has touched most processes in the company, made the work of drivers, managers and dispatchers more convenient and transparent. We continue to develop the platform and are preparing to launch modules for brokers and HR. At the same time, the client plans to enter the TMS software market and share this technology with other companies by opening it for a fee on the SaaS model.
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Trucking digitalization for Gamma TMS