May 18, 2023
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WT Group's Global Real Estate Platform

4-6 months
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Software Development
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Web Development
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Real Estate
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Mobile Development


Create a new corporate web platform with an informative and user-friendly UX and provide managers with a new interface to work with requests and projects. 01/Develop a web platform for a real estate agency with custom functionality and easy-to-read design; 02/Create an admin panel that would close the problems of integration with CRM and help automate the routine; 03/ Integrate the platform with existing client and real estate databases.


1/ Built a corporate portal for real estate 2/ An interactive world map with available projects greets visitors on the main page. Implemented the "Investments" section, aimed at the most informative presentation of available objects for B2B and large investors. 3/ A separate reference block allows the user to study and compare citizenship/VPV programs in different countries, in particular through the purchase of real estate. 4/ The platform has solved all the problems of integration with CRM and gave managers a convenient interface for working with leads and projects. The initial import of data into the site from the CRM and the export of requests there from the frontend are done automatically.


A new digital image for the company to promote itself on the global market The platform properly conveys the mission and values of the company, attracts and holds the attention of potential investors, and provides visitors with accessible, structured information while shortening the way to the consultation with the manager. The custom admin panel has greatly simplified the lives of agency managers, allowing them to move away from manual data entry/output to more creative and strategic tasks.
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