Dec 11, 2023
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Cascade Electrical

Cascade Electrical

2-3 months
United States, Los Angeles
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Cascade Electrical, a well-regarded provider of electrical services, sought a comprehensive brand transformation, tasking our agency with the creation of a new logo and its integration into business cards. The challenge lay in encapsulating their customer-centered values, built on a solid 20-year track record of trust and reliability, into a visual representation. The goal was to craft a logo that not only reflected their approachability, dependability, and trustworthiness but also resonated with their commitment to reliability and customer engagement. The challenge, therefore, involved translating these intangible qualities into a visually compelling and functional logo that could be seamlessly incorporated into their brand identity.


To address the challenge, our design team focused on creating a logo that harmoniously blended functionality and friendliness, embodying Cascade Electrical's values. The resulting logo cleverly resembles an electrical socket with the added touch of radiating a cheerful face, providing a dual interpretation that aligns with both reliability and customer engagement. The color palette, featuring a vibrant blend of bold red and deep blue, adds attention-grabbing professionalism to the electric outlet logo design. This solution not only captured the essence of Cascade Electrical's ethos but also ensured a visual identity that communicated trust and approachability.


The designed logo, with its clever resemblance to an electrical socket and cheerful face, captures the essence of reliability and customer engagement. The vibrant color palette enhances attention and professionalism, making the electric outlet logo design memorable. The integration of the new brand presence into the electrical expert business card design solidifies Cascade Electrical's ethos across all touchpoints. The business cards not only showcase the logo prominently but also present a balanced visual representation on both sides, featuring a dark backdrop on one side for emphasis and a lighter version on the other for clarity, accompanied by clear and concise contact details.
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Cascade Electrical
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Cascade Electrical