Mar 30, 2023
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7-12 months
Hong Kong
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Software Development
Mobile Development
QA and Testing
Domain focus
Consumer Products & Services
React Native


BrandON faced several challenges during the development of the project. Firstly, they had to partner with Winalife after another Software House abandoned the project, so the team had to start from scratch. Additionally, they needed to refactor the application from Ionic to React Native. The team also worked on CRM and CMS development, implementing jetAdmin to make client and content management more accessible. In terms of design, the team created a new design system for the current version of the application and updated the previous UI design. Lastly, the team focused on optimizing the application's performance to ensure smooth and efficient operation.


BrandON's solutions aim to provide an enhanced user experience. Firstly, the platform ensured a clear presentation of stores on the list and map views, making it easier for users to locate stores. Additionally, the platform allowed users to post promotions found in stores and receive points for them, which could then be converted into discount coupons. The team also facilitated the easy sharing of offers with other users, allowing them to rank offers and choose the most popular ones. Overall, these solutions provided an efficient and user-friendly experience for both businesses and consumers.


BrandON achieved several positive results through their efforts. Firstly, they successfully refactored the application from Ionic to React Native, which allowed for improved functionality and user experience. Additionally, the team was able to enhance the development process and speed, resulting in a more efficient workflow. The migration of the database from a non-relational model to a relational model allowed for more effective data management and analysis. Lastly, the development of the CRM and CMS platform from scratch enabled better client and content management. Overall, these results showcased the team's dedication and expertise in creating a more effective and user-friendly platform.