Mar 31, 2023
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Day of Duel

more 1 year
United Kingdom, London
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The Day of Duel project presented several challenges, including the need for prompt delivery upon taking on the project. Upon taking on the project, the client demanded swift delivery, which meant developing the backend layer from scratch within a tight timeline and recruiting appropriate experts to the team in a brief period. Additionally, they had to rebuild and restructure the frontend layer to ensure optimal functionality. Despite these challenges, the team was able to deliver the MVP version of the project within less than three months, which was ready for presentation to investors. The project's success demonstrates the team's ability to overcome obstacles and deliver quality results within tight timelines.


The Day of Duel platform offers various solutions that make it a thrilling experience for gamers. For instance, players can compete for previously agreed stakes, making the competition even more exciting. Moreover, the platform aims to integrate with large and popular titles in the future. Additionally, it offers many interesting game modes, tournaments, and functions such as the ability to add friends, its own match streaming, and much more. These features demonstrate the Day of Duel's commitment to delivering an immersive and exciting gaming experience to its users.


The Day of Duel project has delivered impressive results, including the ability to secure a key investor for further product development thanks to the presentation of the MVP. The team also stabilized its cooperation with the client to continue developing the game after an intensive period of delivering the MVP. Furthermore, they were able to commence product development within a month of starting the project. Leveraging the latest technology, the team was able to quickly rewrite the code of a broken platform from scratch, resulting in the delivery of a new and improved product. These results demonstrate the team's ability to deliver quality work while overcoming obstacles and utilizing the latest technology to achieve their goals.