Mar 30, 2023
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RestHub, an innovative concept, faced various challenges in its development. Firstly, integrating with aggregators and POS systems required acquiring API keys and convincing them to collaborate in the technological field. Secondly, the development of a high-performance app capable of handling tens of thousands of queries a day was crucial, considering the app's anticipated widespread recognition. Thus, the development team had to build a highly stable infrastructure to achieve this goal. Finally, obtaining and serving customers was another obstacle that the RestHub app had to overcome. While the app solved a pressing problem during the pandemic, it still required a coordinated effort between the sales team and customer support department.


RestHub offers various solutions to simplify the ordering process. Firstly, it follows a "one tablet - one app" principle, making it easy to use and navigate. Secondly, all notifications and information related to orders are displayed on one clear panel, reducing confusion and the possibility of missed orders. This leads to better order management and fewer delays. Finally, the app integrates with printers and POS systems, enabling efficient and accurate order processing.


As a result of its successful delivery of the RestHub app, the company has achieved various accomplishments. Firstly, the company qualified for the Mazovian Startup, an acceleration program for innovative and socially responsible startups. Additionally, they started a fruitful cooperation with UpMenu, one of the largest worldwide platforms for restaurants to receive online orders. Finally, the integration with POS systems has enabled clients to accept orders from RestHub directly in their own systems, making it more convenient and efficient for them. These achievements demonstrate RestHub's commitment to innovation and its ability to deliver successful solutions to its customers, including popular restaurants and worldwide-known food delivery companies.