Aug 30, 2023
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EEG (electroencephalogram) scans measure electrical activity in the brain using small metal discs (electrodes) attached to the scalp. Doctors use these scans to detect if one person suffers from epilepsy. Brain Capture’s goal is to develop an IoT mobile app that can be used in low-resource settings (e.g., Kenya) that can help diagnose patients with epilepsy.


The solution had to be affordable and accessible and to work even without an internet connection. The app we developed allows an EEG operator to connect via Bluetooth to an amplifier connected to an EEG cap. The EEG operator can fill in a pre-interview to gather information about the patient. Afterwards, the app walks the operator through a series of guided exercises for calibration, hyperventilation, and photic stimulation while recording the EEG with the information captured by the electrodes in the cap. As a final step, the operator fills in an evaluation form, which is uploaded to the cloud, where medical specialists can access it remotely.


BrainCapture brings accessible EEG scans in low-resource settings through a mobile app that connects via Bluetooth to an amplifier connected to an EEG cap. The app development process followed the IEC 62304 standard for regulatory purposes in order for the app to be certified as a medical device.