Aug 30, 2023
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Citizen Mint

Citizen Mint

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Most investment companies focus on return on investment, but Citizen Mint focuses on impactful opportunities that can have an influence on our environment in the long run. Citizen Mint wanted to develop a platform where investors could impact our environment with their investments.


The solution was to create and develop an investment platform that focuses on things that matter, such as renewable power technologies, affordable micro-finance solutions, and ways to mitigate the significant water shortages expected in the coming decades. Users can easily create and access Citizen Mint's growing catalog of impact investments, review opportunities, and select assets that align best with them. Investors can track their portfolio growth and their assets' impact through comprehensive impact data.


Citizen Mint offers access to assets that solve our planet's biggest challenges by providing a platform for various impactful investment opportunities. Features: Onboarding process, which filters users to ensures they are qualified investors; 3rd party integration with bank applications for payments