Aug 30, 2023
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Goal Play

Goal Play

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Professional coaching and goalkeeping training are only affordable for a limited group of people, usually, the elite, and GoalPlay wanted to transform them into a fundamental right for young goalkeepers. The sports' digital product needed to ease the coaching processes and allow trainees to create their own profile, identify the skills they need to improve and get the right training exercises through the app.


To ensure the best experience, GoalPlay, together with the Wolfpack Digital team, defined the product strategy and features and, using the power of the Internet of Things, we built an Android app to track the training sessions through the smart sports equipment (smart gloves, in this case) via Bluetooth. The smart glove has a sensor within, which uses artificial intelligence to detect the moves made by the trainee. The smart sports app allows people to create a profile and select the skills they want to improve, and the app algorithm matches the needed skills with the right exercises automatically, based on the trainee's selected level.


The app has a freemium business model, which allows features to be distributed based on the subscription plan, goalkeeping training goal, different training levels and access to multiple types of exercises (videos, training plans, full access to the exercises). Once the entire profile is set up and the exercises start, GoalPlay provides personalized tips and metrics on improving game performance on the go!