Aug 30, 2023
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Planet of Finance

Planet of Finance

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The platform bridges the gap between private investors and qualified financial advisors through very well-designed profiles and matchmaking, allowing them to share and get investment advice from other professionals easily. The challenge was the process of redesigning a platform and its mobile apps for a market that requires financial flows and terminology, information architecture, permissions and user roles while considering the type of user experience and flows are the finance professionals familiar with.


The Wolfpack Digital team designed the UX/UI and developed the fintech apps and platform while considering the finance professionals' behavior! Together with the new redesign, we transitioned them into the mobile world with state-of-the-art iOS and Android apps. The platform now easily connects private investors with financial advisors, allows them to share and get investment advice, matches finance professional with a pool of clients, and makes the selection for a suitable financial advisor quick and straightforward.


Planet of Finance is a fintech global solution developed by Wolfpack Digital that matches investors with financial advisors offering professionals profiles, booking and meetings app features. Features: Automated e-mail reminders for events; SMS and push notifications; SMS confirmation for the sign-up process; Booking one-on-one and online meetings; Virtual currency; Recurring payments; Admin dashboard with user management features and statistics' reports; Custom calendar for in-platform events; Custom map with users' search; Find near my location' feature; Custom search for finance professionals matching.