Aug 30, 2023
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The smart Storyball with changeable skins transforms itself into a companion for kids giving them the chance to play, learn, and exercise in a fun way. In 2018, when we partnered-up, the Android application was already launched, and our mission was to grow the product and create an iOS app as well.


The Storyball team met our experts, discussed all the needs and expectations, and in just a few months, we developed a smooth and successful iOS app connected to the toy via Bluetooth, while the top-secret game logic implementation was done by Storyball’s CTO, Giora Vered as well as the RESTful API integration. In the end, we managed to create together a screenless IoT game for kids activated by an iOS app. The Bluetooth connection is made to easily share content through the app, making this smart toy easy to use by parents both online and offline and to organize or track children's activity.


Storyball is an IoT screenless gaming console that keeps children active using well-designed and programmed stories to activate the toy using an iOS app. Features: Sign up and login process; Storyball collection management; Account (and kids' profile) management; Statistics; Mission journey and details; QR code scanning; Bluetooth connectivity;