Jun 08, 2022
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Cerebrum Infotech

Cerebrum Infotech

2-3 months
United States, Emeryville
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Cerebrum Infotech (a B2B Technology Company App Marketplace) tapped Woosper Infotech to work on the digital visibility of their website. Our ultimate goal was to make effective digital strategies for their brand, differentiate their brand among competitors, and lead generation for their company by doing in-depth market research, building their growth strategy, etc.


In our approach, what we have done to help the brand build its digital presence such as: - We leveraged multiple platform creations by including the test & learn the technique to develop metrics such as CAC to boost conversion rate more than ever before. - We have introduced a smart shopping category campaign, compelling video, audio, and written marketing campaign to help them capitalize on their brand assets. - We included the discovery ads approach to divide seasonal offers. It attracts the target audience, prospects as well as existing customers. - We displayed the latest reporting and analytics that helped us optimize geographical and demographic targets to boost high ROAS results.


It’s amazing to see the results we deliver to our clients. Within the period of 6 months only, Cerebrum Infotech outranked the global brands, acquired a better rank on Google, generated more than 152,732+ visits, and pushed 11,065% of recurring traffic. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for results like this.