Feb 19, 2024
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Bitdefender Elevates its Customer Support Platform

Bitdefender Elevates its Customer Support Platform

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Bitdefender sought to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce support costs by refining their website's support features. The client, operating in the IT/Cybersecurity Solutions industry, tasked WPRiders with optimizing both front-end and backend functionalities, emphasizing user experience improvements. This ongoing website development project required custom feature development, with WPRiders serving as the technical partner, leveraging their expertise in WordPress websites.


Bitdefender collaborated with WPRiders to optimize their support platform in two phases: first, enhancing the existing site by fixing bugs and improving navigation; then, creating a new, responsive website with advanced features. WPRiders optimized content for faster loading, integrated Live Chat and Bot Chat, and implemented a dynamic Contact Form Flow. They also facilitated analytics integration, automatic translations, and introduced features like dynamic table of contents and feedback functionality. This comprehensive approach streamlined support, balancing budget and experience, solidifying WPRiders as Bitdefender's technical partner.


Thanks to the collaborative efforts between Bitdefender and WPRiders, significant improvements were realized across key metrics. Notably, Bitdefender experienced a substantial 60% enhancement in Core Web Vitals, reflecting a marked improvement in website performance and user experience. This optimization contributed to a notable 20% increase in page views, indicating heightened user engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, the streamlined support platform led to a significant 20% reduction in the support team's workload, demonstrating increased efficiency in addressing user inquiries and issues. These impressive outcomes underscore the effectiveness of the partnership between Bitdefender and WPRiders in achieving tangible benefits for both the company and its customers.