Aug 01, 2023
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HIMSS: Universal Drupal Theme

HIMSS: Universal Drupal Theme

2-3 months
United States
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HIMSS is an American company dedicated to improving healthcare through IT and management systems. The company used to have more than 20 diverse websites that would all look similar and belonged to one brand in accordance with the guidelines presented by the team. However, developing similar websites with minor changes is not economically effective, so we decided to come up with a solution to create a universal theme to reduce the development costs and dependency.


This theme was intended to be located in a separate repository so all the developers from HIMSS could have access to it to use whenever they needed it. As a result, all the websites had the same structure and could be edited at any time in a simpler way. To make any adjustments, they simply had to create a new CSS file, using the special naming proposed by us, but theme components remained the same which eventually helped the company to reduce hours for website development.


As a result of developing a universal theme, we managed to help HIMSS to achieve the following: – the company now was able to develop a range of new websites with less hours – annual redesign of all current websites used to take several months of teamwork, with our solution they just needed to have one developer and one week of their time to do the same task which reduced the costs up to 10-12 times – sometimes the task was so easy that it was not even necessary to assign a developer. This allowed HIMSS to reassign their resources which eventually led the team to develop a multi-site instead of a range of separate ones and made the development process much easier