Aug 01, 2023
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NDA: EdTech Platform On Drupal With Net Profit Increased Up To 6 Numbers

NDA: EdTech Platform On Drupal With Net Profit Increased Up To 6 Numbers

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The project belonged to an educational company* based in New York that used to be focused on providing teachers with supplements for their classes and went online especially during and after COVID-19. Our task was to reintroduce the platform created with AEM to allow teachers not only to pay for their supplements, but also use them online. * The project is under NDA so we can’t mention the name of the company


To make it possible, we decided to use Drupal as the majority of client’s requirements are already in Drupal — some of them do need some initial set-up, but you do not have to develop anything from scratch. Only the smallest number of tasks needs to be done in a custom way and is totally up to the level of customisation you would like to have which saves the budget. During development our team introduced new advanced content creation forms that were much simpler to use for editors, integrated different roles or users and their permissions, content creation, management, distributing and integration, advanced visualization, day-to-day services integrations (for example, email or payment ones).


As a result, we managed to achieve the following results: – We optimized Drupal so it would not load up the website, but would be able to undergo a lot of users and work without being down. – The team intended to work and support on the website decreased by 20% as the solution did not need a lot of developers to maintain it in the future. – The company was able to attract more clients and go global, especially during and after the pandemic when online education became a trend. – The net profit of the company during the first year after rebuilding the platform came out as a 6 figure number in US dollars.