Aug 01, 2023
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NDA: Sports Startup Targeted On 2 Markets

NDA: Sports Startup Targeted On 2 Markets

7-12 months
Service categories
Service Lines
Mobile Development
Web Development
Domain focus
Programming language
React Native


The application under NDA is known to be a sport startup and targeted on the fitness market in Thailand and Australia with a goal to go global later once the MVP proves its business idea and economic efficiency. Its main functions are to provide users with an opportunity to do sports and yoga exercises at home and to allow them joining challenges to share their achievements with each other.


The project consisted of a mobile application for both iOS and Android users, written in React Native, and a Laravel back-end providing owners with all the necessary API endpoints for the application. We used Vimeo to store the video and the service interacted with the back-end via API. Back-end also allowed admin and editors to add and edit the content, manage users and their subscription status, set requirements for achievements in the challenges system and split the workout videos into routines so the user could easily navigate them in a custom player developed by us.


As a result, we published the application on AppStore and Google Play so it could serve as a beta version and be tested by several thousands of users at the moment to make the sport startup go live. The case study is to be filled up once the application is over the beta testing phase and out on the market to add all the necessary metrics.