Nov 11, 2023
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Project Management Application Based on the Gantt Chart

Project Management Application Based on the Gantt Chart

4-6 months
United States
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Our developers were asked to build a project management software tool based on the Gantt chart that combines cutting-edge functionality and ease of use. The web application should enable users to review all the activities from which the project consists and define dependencies between them. For more effective project management, our client asked us to implement the option to assign particular employees to specific tasks, set roles for team members, monitor overall progress, and share Gantt charts with other users. For an efficient distribution of workload between employees, the web application should include resource planning and workload monitoring features.


The application offers different workspaces for managing multiple projects. Access to particular projects can be granted to team members responsible for specific activities. An advanced resource planning system provides project managers with an easy-to-use mechanism for effective workload monitoring. The workload monitoring feature allows the company management to check if some of the employees are underperforming or have too many activities. In such a situation, this project management application will be able to reallocate particular staff members with a couple of clicks.


Our developers have built a full-featured custom project management application that can cover the needs of almost any type of company. This web application allows users to create an interactive visual representation of a project that shows dependencies between the tasks it consists of. Resource and workload monitoring help to improve project management and achieve effective workforce planning with minimum effort. The ability to attach comments and files to the available tasks can significantly improve team collaboration and increase overall productivity. This project management web tool allows our client to: - simplify project management - improve workforce planning - achieve better team collaboration.