Nov 11, 2023
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UI/UX Modernization for a Construction Management Web App

UI/UX Modernization for a Construction Management Web App

7-12 months
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A client having business in a construction industry came to us with a request to modernize their multi-page project management application with full collaboration capability but complicated backend and legacy frontend. The application was supposed to manage activities related to construction projects from the initial idea to completion. Project partners (customers, stakeholders, contractors, subcontractors, etc.) should be able to access the toolset it provides and ensure the right person has the correct information at the right time.


The application had to work with large amounts of data presented in tabular form. Therefore, our most significant task was getting rid of those static forms and implementing configurable dynamic tables and forms that can be adjusted according to the users’ needs with the fewest restrictions. The dynamic approach allowed an administrator to have control over the app’s appearance right from the backend. All the styles were saved on the frontend, while all the elements were loaded from the backend. To improve the app’s UX and entirely rebuild the front-end with ease, our development team used Webix JavaScript UI library. We also added the possibility to set roles to users and configure their access rights and the ability to switch between its old and familiar version and the new one.


XB Software team has implemented a more user-friendly application interface and enhanced user experience. The new UI/UX design guarantees that users won’t get lost in many similarly-looking tables, forms, and controls. Webix allowed us to implement a more flexible configuration of data tables without sacrificing application performance. Replacing several separate modules with complex Webix widgets helped to follow a more straightforward development approach. It resulted in accelerated development time and reduced costs. It will also help simplify the application customization in the future.